The program “ ISAR – Immigration –stereotypes – racism “ focuses on the phenomenon of immigration, stereotypes and racism because we consider these as interrelated notions, which influence one another , having a catalytic effect on the attitude someone may have for citizens of different nationalities. In a Europe which constantly changes, in a Europe which , due to the developments in Middle East as well as in Africa , where certain events take place , which will affect the immigration map of the whole area , every citizen , young people in particular , have to be readily prepared , in order to be able to welcome the masses of immigrants which will arise.

Europe of the future, is anticipated to become a melting pot for nations , languages and cultures, and this will have a catalytic effect on the future common route of all Europeans, who , taking into consideration additional aspects ( low birth rate ), will have to welcome even more immigrants , as a means of resolving the possibly erroneous planning, which was carried out by many European countries regarding demographic issues.

The objectives of the program are related to the change of attitude of students , teachers , as well as the whole educational community , schools participating in the program , and by extension, the whole society , concerning issues of immigration – stereotypes – racism. Notions  , such as difference and multiculturalism will be deeply analysed , so that they facilitate in creating the necessary , social background for Europe of the future , for Europe of equality , isonomy , justice.

The program will consequently not only improve linguistic skills in English , which will be the language of our work in the program , but also ICT skills.

Participants will be teachers and students from six European countries. Teachers will create , in every school , an interdisciplinary team , which will cooperate with other partners , and the coordinator school , having the support of the schools’ principals. Students will be between sixteen and eighteen years old , including students who have been led to immigration for financial reasons , as well as students who lack the ability , due to financial problems , within the framework of the economic crisis which the whole Europe experiences , to become acquainted with other cultures , or another way of thinking.

A transnational meeting during the program will also take place in Greece , in Corfu , during the beginning of the program , in order for the documents to be approved and discuss common methodologies. There will be six mobilities in two years , significant instances , during which every participating school will present their produced work in the course of the program and within meetings.

There will be an action – information team in every school regarding issues of immigration,stereotypes , racism. Additionally, preparatory meetings will take place, with the students participating in mobilities and their parents , along with the reception families of the students participating in the program.

The final products of the work will be a video where emphasis will be placed on accepting the different , along with programs of studies which could be used by teachers of the participating schools. Moreover , through comics , which will constitute a pleasant approach of the range of topics of the program , students will be able to understand the problematization which develops concerning issues of immigration – stereotypes and racism.We intend to create interactive games and organize a Photography Exhibition.

The dissemination of our work will be carried out through the release of an information newsletter by the coordinator school , towards the local / national mass media along with the creation of a networking site which will be linked to the websites of every school participating in this partnership. The students participating in the mobilities will prepare a presentation concerning their experience for their classmates , the participants will visit various types of schools , for the dissemination of the work and to ensure its european dimension. Every country will carry out one day meetings in order to present the program to the school community. The program will also have to be distributed on the eTwinning platform and provided to the local authorities so that the impact of the results of the program on the wider societies is ensured.

The final products will remain on the website which will be created , which in fact will simultaneously act as a point of extracting information , which will be useful for course related to humanitarian studies. This website will also act as an unofficial communication platform , for teachers and students. Contact with the partners will continue after the program as well , through the website and the eTwinning platform.

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