Agrupamento de Escolas de Carvalhos

Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal



We make part of a big school Group that integrates different schools types (11 schools), from pre- primary level to secondary level, Vocational to Adult Education. In all, we have 2400 students and 162 teachers. According to the project topic and goals we envolve: different schools (types and number) and students( levels /age).

The school offers a wide range of different subjects including sciences, languages, multimedia, general arts. It also provides Vocational and Training courses (Tourism and Multimedia). It aims to train highly qualified intermediate levels, equivalent to the European Union Level III, in areas of critical importance to the local and regional needs, as tourism (Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia are closed cities well known due famous PortWine cellars and UNESCO Patrimony city). Every 2 years we have a National External Assessment.

Many of the School’s students are from low-income families, and this group will be an intrinsic part of the Project as well as students that live in an Orphanat and attend our school. Among all them, there are those with special learning needs and/or at risk of social exclusion.

Our school is located in a semi-urban area (8km form the Atlantic ocean and 6km to the second biggest city in Portugal- Oporto) where unemployment has seriously increased. The local economy is based on industry which does not imply a high level of income

During portuguese history we had different and “strong” mobility periods: emigration or immigration with different destinations, due to our geographic position (SW of Europe). In the last 5 years emigration is so high that threats our economic development and puts in danger the generations renewal.

As we have several international associations (according to immigrants nationalities), we can organise interviews, visits, seminars to those organisations; workshops or seminars with someone students know (family, friend, neighbor ) that had been an emigrant or is an immigrant.

In addition, we are experienced participants of Projects funded by the EU. We have expertises on technology based ICT learning; Open-source software, school improvement, intercultural education, collaborative inquiry and good contacts with the local companies and local authorities (with some of them we stablish “training contracts”). Expertise Trainers on Intercultural Relationships , Communication, Languages and ICT technology.

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