3rd general lyceum (GEL) of Corfu (Coordinator School)

Corfu Greece


The 3rd general lyceum (GEL) of Corfu is a public school of secondary education that is located in the centre of Corfu town, capital of Corfu Island, is the North West part of Greece. Corfu is a tourist Greek island with 102.000 inhabitants. Members of the local community are mainly occupied in tourism, retail trade, administration, rendering of services and few of them in agricultural activities. The economic crisis of the last seven years has significantly affected the behavior of local community towards foreigners, making it vulnerable to extreme forms of political expression (fascism).
General Lyceum in Greece is an educational institution of secondary education that provides general education and gradual deepening and specialization in individual subjects.
Students in our school study, among other, modern and ancient greek, history, maths, physical sciences and biology, computer science, sociology and elements of law. Students also take lessons in English, French and German languages. After 3 years of studies in our school, students will participate in national examinations for their studies in the university.
Our school has 320 students, aged from 14 to 18 years old and 32 teachers. Among our students only 19 are foreigners but an approximately 15% comes from second generation immigrant families. These families have faced for many years problems of racism due to their origin. This is a fact that influenced us greatly in choosing the theme of our project, so as to sensitize all students in acceptance of diversity and therefore prevent racist attitudes.
Teachers in our school are sensitive to bullying issues, to racism and to xenophobia. On the initiative of teachers, we have many times organized events, conferences and workshops for teachers and students relevant to above subjects.
Our school has already been involved in the last five years in European and International projects such as Commenius exchange, Euroscola in Strasburg, etwinning activities and seminars.

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