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The secondary school is located in Cangas del Narcea, in the North of Spain. It is a public centre. There are around 650 students in our school, from 12 to 18, and we are 70 teachers.

We teach the compulsory Secondary Education (four years of ESO, from 12 to 16 years old) When the students finish this stage, they can choose between continuing with advanced secondary levels or going to vocational training. They can follow both ways in our centre. The vocational training that we currently offer is related to health and social care, auto mechanics and office clerk.

During the ESO studies, students can join the Bilingual Programme in English. Approximately 50% of our students choose this option. Most of the students also learn French.

Our school is the only Secondary School in our area, so it plays an important role in the life and education of most of the people. The families of our students belong to a medium social and cultural level. Most of the people used to be related with coal mines, but nowadays these mines are about to close, so the whole area is suffering a very worrying situation about the economical future. A few decades ago, many people had to migrate from our region (Asturias) to other countries. Nowadays, young people is being forced to move, again, in order to find a job.

On the other hand, during the last years, immigrant workers began to come to our village, to work specially in mines, restaurants and bars. The majority of them come from East European countries or from Morocco. When they and their families arrive, they have to learn our language, so we have some special measures to help these students when they join our school. For instance, they receive individual Spanish lessons during their first weeks.

Due to all these reasons, working with our students about the consequences and different aspects related to migration is always interesting and relevant, specially if they can share these views with students from other countries.

Communication in foreign languages is one of the key competences of the Spanish curriculum. Content language-integrated learning (CLIL) is heavily supported by the European Commission as one of the best methods to improve foreign language learning and plurilingualism. Consequently, in 2006, Cangas del Narcea Secondary School started to develop a Bilingual Programme, in which one or two subjects a year are taught partially in English. We are convinced that it is an excellent way to help students to improve their language skills. Moreover, we can state that learning a foreign language opens minds, builds new approaches to life, increases self-confidence, promotes coexistence…

Working in a project shared with schools from different european countries will encourage our students to practice foreign languages in “real” situations and in different contexts. At the same time, it will give them the opportunity to get in contact with students from different places in Europe, exchanging projects and ideas. Knowing better other people is the best way to begin to respect and value each other.

Our school developed a Comenius programme some years ago. Nowadays, students in the vocational training studies take part in the Erasmus+ KA102 programme. They have been to Bulgaria, Germany and Italy for their apprenticeships. Actually, this is the third year we take part in that programme and our students are really happy with the outcome and with the experience gained in living abroad and learning different cultures.

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